Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Sweet Baby & Two Bird Dogs

Last night I scrapped a LO for Thomas's album! This is my brother, Andrew and his wife, Chantal and little Thomas, of course. It is the first time that I have done pictures in sepia tone and was so happy with the result of scrapping them with this vintage Graphic 45 line. This little face just makes me smile. He is such a sweetie and the best looking newborn I have ever seen. I know my girls sure didn't look that good at birth! (hee hee) They both had that squished somewhat alien look to them. LOL

I used a sketch from Jana's Sketch Blog. I am loving that Jana provides sketches to all her amazing LO's!

I love this Prima flower. It is made of a very soft, thickly woven cotton material. It just seemed perfect for baby LO's.

I did machine stitching and hand stitching to add to that baby feel. The ticket and journaling spot are from the MME Quite Contrary line and the little ticket is from Jenni Bowlin.

This little Jenni Bowlin ticket leads me to my sad scrapping incident of last night. My pups, Gus and Maggie love to join me in the "studio". Gus brings me toys to throw as I try to work and Maggie comes in and out, as she often likes to go upstairs and get into some good trouble. They also both LOVE to eat paper!!! Kleenex tissues, Bounce dryer sheets and of course, scrapping scraps! According to Cesar Milan, this is very common of bird dogs, as the feeling of something light weight in their mouths is similar to that of a bird. Well, I'm not sure if my dogs are bird dogs, but I will cling to any theory that gives them the benefit of the doubt. Gus may be, as he is part poodle and I read that Standard Poodles were at one time hunting dogs who would retrieve water fowl. Okay Gus, I'm really stretching it to include you in this noble pack of dogs. I'm not sure what Maggie's excuse is because we don't even really know what she is. She is supposed to be pure Bichon but has the dimensions of a cartoon character dog with a very large head and very short legs.

Back to the incident. So, often when I am scrapping, they circle below me like land sharks, just waiting for a scrap of paper to fall, so they can chew on it, I mean fulfill their deep rooted doggie purpose in life. I have given up trying to get them to stop eating scraps although, picking up the sections of chewed paper is tiresome. The sad thing is when something GOOD falls to the floor without me knowing it! Last night it was my little bundle of jute tied Jenni Bowlin tickets, baby themed bought especially to use in Thomas's album. Yes, you know the ones that sell for about $5!!! Such a rip off when you can get a roll of 500 at the dollar store for a loonie but, the amazing graphics on them make them worth every penny!! So, they chewed through one side of the bundle. This was beyond a distressed look, so in the trash they went! :(
It has been a few months since our last incident of the chewing of the die cut tree embellishment. I had planned a whole page, title and sketch included around this adorable little die cut. When I went to find it on my desk I found it chewed and missing half it's trunk on my floor. :( Oh well, I guess I should be thankful that they don't eat buttons or brads. Those I very much covet, not to mention the vet bills that could be a part of this habit.

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to Scrapping!!

Yay!!! I actually have a LO to share today!! This will be much more exciting than a kitchen! :)

I did this LO last night. We went into the country a few weekends ago because I wanted to get a picture of horses for Project 365. We found these fellows after much searching and one failed photo attempt. The first set of horses that I photographed had images of blurred twigs in front of the horses. Rob had to do some fast and fancy highway driving maneuvering (his old days of policing still come in handy) and then I had to track through a dirty ditch to get to the fence. I got mud on my Uggs!! In my life, this is a bad thing. I love my Uggs and do all I can to keep them looking new! (They are like wearing your slippers out in the snow!! ) Back to the twigs. I tend to get on tangents. Rob thought the photos had an artistic appeal but I thought that it just looked like bad photography. So, I ditched those photos. The successful photos didn't even require me to exit the vehicle thanks to the great zoom feature on my Nikon P90. It is 24 times and is amazing!!

The sketch I used is #117 from Sketch Inspiration. I loved this simple and very linear look. I was missing my normal layering, but it is always fun to do something away from my norm. I used Jillibean papers. The journaling spot is by MME and I was able to use some blue chalk to highlight the flowers in it. The alphas are from the BG Origins line. I LOVE the look of brown and black together. I used my Martha Stewart border punch and I have to say that I find her brand much more easy to use than the Fiskars brand. For some reason, the paper seems to stay in place better. Well, leave it to Martha to out do the others. LOL Sorry, I'm not a big Martha fan.

Well, I have some more domestic duties to attend to but, I am planning my next project out in my head. Creative Scrappers has an amazing sketch up this week. It might work well with an old B&W of me as a toddler and my coveted Kioshi paper. I am dying to use some more of it but it doesn't exactly go with just any photo.

Hope that everyone is having a pleasant Monday with some time left over for some good scrappy time!!

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back by Popular Demand

Hello scrappy friends. Still no LO to share, however I did take a break from cleaning today and went to visit my parents. Tomorrow is small repairs day. Well, I won't actually be doing the repairs but I will be a helpful assistant. I think??? Maybe more of a nattering wife. ;)

Due to the overwhelming response of interest and excitement in my sparkly clean kitchen, I have decided to post some photos. I'm really not sure that this will be as exciting as blogging about scrapping but, we will give it a go! ;)

Here is my kitchen in all its glory of cleanliness and organization. Trust me, it never looks like this on a day to day basis. It faces south and I broke every decorating rule in deciding to paint it a warm golden colour but, I LOVE it.

Now for the close ups!!! See, it's just like posting a LO. ;)

Here is my stove. I actually used proper stove top cleaner on the top. Haven't done that for a while. You know when you haven't used the ketchup bottle for some time and then if you forget to shake it, you get that liquid that comes out first.... yeah, that happened with my cleaner. :( Notice the tea towel all fancy folded? If I can paper pleat a border, I can do this!

Oh, more decorative towels! :)

Here is my little counter top display. That hot plate is my way of telling prospective buyers that I care enough about my counter tops to never place hot pots on them. I think the black really anchors the look. (hee hee)

Here is my fridge minus it's usual array of tacky retail magnets. I shoved them all to the back of the side of the fridge. ;) Don't you just love the amount of white space here?

Next is my little shelf. Such a kitchy, I mean kitcheny display. I got rid of the straggly hanging plant that was past it's prime. (Are we having fun yet?)

Here is the table top. Love the mix of the zen tealight holders with the earthy place mats. (Okay, this really is not as much fun as sharing a LO!! )

Last is my favourite corner. Don't you love how the label of the dishwashing liquid matches the colour of the hand soap? They sit so nicely on the little black tray. I think that Martha would approve and I will not be at all surprised if I get a call from the Good Housekeeping reward team, letting me know that I will be receiving a prize! LOL Notice the shine on the wooden window ledge? I was feeling like a pioneer woman as I lovingly buffed it to a shine with lemon oil!

Yes, every inch of this kitchen has been cleaned to a shine. Thanks for taking this tour through my kitchen and if this post has anyone feeling that they may want to start spring cleaning their kitchen, run, run away!! Run as fast as you can to your scrappy area. Begin working on a wonderful scrappy project and forget about this silly thought of being in the kitchen. It really is not much fun at all!! :(

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Missing my Scrappy World

This is me.....

just call me Cinderella. See how uninspired and tired I look.

This could also be me....

deep in domestic bliss. NOT!!! I just look cranky here!

I am about to begin day three of my cleaning duties in preparation of my house sale. It is looking pretty BH&G around here and I think that Martha Stewart would be pleased if she were to pop in for a random and unexpected visit. ;) I am so missing my scrappy time. I have no LO to share. :( I debated posting a photo of just how sparkling clean my kitchen is. LOL But, that would be boring. I spent 4 hours alone in that room yesterday. That is just not fun!!! :(

The only thing keeping me going is the thought of this.......

Yes, this is the April kit at the Paper Poppy Kit Company!!! Yummy!! I ordered mine last night. Can't wait to see the DT reveal and get to play with my kit! :) So, as I clean today, (nothing too strenuous, as these old bones of mine are feeling sore) I will be dreaming of my next kit creations!! :)

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Day Full of Surprises

Yesterday was one of those days! This is the beautiful gift that my scrappy friend, Terry, made for me. Terry knows how I do love my feathered friends, so she made me this frame to put a photo in. I used a picture of a Cedar Waxwing that was in our yard last summer. Such a beautiful gift! :) I just love those fancy flowers and the bird is shiny and has sparkle! It even matches the pink colours in my studio!! Yay!! :) Thank you Terry!!

Here is what I think will be my last LO using "Origins". I am really down to scraps now, but who knows, I may be able to squeeze just one more out of the line. This is Diane's boyfriend, Jeff. I love this picture of him! He hates it when I photograph him and if you ever notice him in my Project 365 pages, he is usually the one running out of the picture or wearing the dinner napkin over his face at the supper table. He does allow me one good picture on Christmas day and his birthday, so I am grateful for that! :)

I used Sketch #116 at Sketch Inspiration.

The circle was cut from a piece of corrugated. Amy has a great tutorial up at Sketch Inspiration on how to remove the cardboard to get to the good stuff inside. You just soak it with a wet paper towel for about 10 or 20 seconds and it peels right away. I had a bit of a glue residue so I just wiped it with a damp cloth and then blow dried my piece. I weaved twine through the edges to give it an earthy look. I am trying to find new ways to present the circle element in sketches.

I used lots of chipboard to go with the clunky kind of vibe of this. I went willy nilly with the glimmer mist!! Well, as random as I can get with such things! ;) I love the contrast of the glimmer with the distressed look and corrugated. It all comes back to liberating myself to mix buttons and gems!! ;)

The biggest surprise of the day came when I got a phone call telling me that our condo which was slated to be ready in late August/ early September is ahead of schedule. It will now be ready in early June/ late June!! What???? This never happens in Alberta!! The availability of trades as well as a very mild winter has moved this along very quickly. Needless to say, we are in a panic to get this house sold and quick. So, today begins the first of many cleaning/ organizing days to prepare for showing. I have to get all "Martha Stewart" which is definitely going to cut into scrappy time! Booooo!! :( I still plan on packing the studio last because I'm sure I will still squeeze in scrappy time. Hopefully it will sell quick so I can go back to living a normal life aka scrapping the days away! LOL

On a sad note, we have been forced to postpone our trip to Montreal in early May, until the Fall. :( I was so looking forward to seeing my siblings and their families and getting to meet little Thomas. Thankfully, Susan is coming West for a visit in July, so we will still see each other relatively soon. Fall is a wonderful season in the East and has amazing foliage that we don't get out in the West. This will be a positive of the change in plans.

Well, it's time to get to cleaning. Yuck! :( Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I finally sat down and made some cards last night. I have used up pretty much every usable scrap of my kit prize from the Paper Poppy Kit Co. Aphra posted some great card sketches on the site, so I gave them a go. There is just something wonderful about a handmade card, even if it does mean a trip to the post office to have it weighed before mailing. :( If only I could stay away from all things lumpy.) I do have to say that I think that the Canadian Postal Service is far too picky about posting cards. Not only will they measure it to see if it is too large and weigh it to see if it is too heavy but, then they actually try to slide it through this little plastic gizmo that has a slot and if it doesn't go through, they charge extra. They must spend more on manpower to run these tests and render these important decisions than they make on the extra postage! Well, enough of my rant. I do tend to talk too much about postal business on my blog. ;) I'll make a conscious effort to stop this.

Here are the cards. The first card is not based on a sketch.

I hope that everyone is having a great week. Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back from the Poppyfield

Yesterday was a totally scrappy day using my Paper Poppy Kit Co. prize. I made three more LO's and had so much fun!! I'm sad to say that I am now down to scraps for card making but, April is just around the corner and with April comes a new kit up for sale!! Yay!! :)

Here's my Canadian Geese LO. It was interesting for me to use navy blue. This is a colour that I would never have thought of buying supplies in and yet I love the look. I also love kraft paper so I used a piece from my stash. This also let me stretch my card stock from the kit for other uses. I used some Jenni Bowlin buttons in cream and green brads from my stash. I was also lucky enough to have a piece of green text paper from the same line as the bird paper, so I made some flowers out of this. It was really fun to be able to use some items from my stash along with the kit.

I used this sketch from Julie Bonner's blog.

Here's Gus in this LO. Love this fuzzy little face! :) I used the same punch on my borders as Aphra used on the hidden journaling bag in the kit. Items from my stash are the red JB vintage button, the rub-ons, kraft card stock and small number stickers. I made the circular border by punching one inch circles out of one of the patterned papers.

I used another one of Julie Bonner's sketches.

Here is the last LO. This is me at four! I had so much fun putting the little banner together. I made the journaling card by cutting down a circular JB journaling spot. I then used the parts that I cut off for extra layering. Items from my stash are the kraft card stock, the JB chipboard button and pink brad.

I used Francis's sketch here!! It is the March sketch for the kit company. Fun sketch!! :)

I still have some scraps left and plan on putting together some cards using Aphra's card sketches! I'm like a little kid at Christmas who is sad that it is over. Yeah, that is how I feel about my kit being almost done. LOL I loved how this kit had so many original elements and that I used items that I would not have thought of to buy for myself. I found that the kit also encouraged me to use paper more creatively. I was really trying to get every bit of goodness out of it! I used up every inch of the floss and a large part of the printed paper bag that the kit came in! I still have an awesome paper bag album from the kit. I still have to plan on what to make with this! :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Today, I plan on actually spending some time with my family! :)

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Having" Poppyfield Dreams"

Yes, I'm back to daydreaming about my next LO when I should be sleeping and when I am sleeping, I am dreaming about scrapping!! LOL I cleaned my house at mach speed yesterday, so that I could play with my prize kit from the Paper Poppy Kit Co. last night! I figure the speed of my cleaning has to have helped my weight loss efforts. Mind you, I won't be winning any awards from Good Housekeeping these days and BH&G is not contacting me to schedule a photo shoot either. ;)

So last night I had so much fun creating the first LO from my kit! These photos are of me and Susan back in the day. I think it is around 1969 and one may have been taken in '68. Just look at those spring coats and party shoes, not to mention our black and white, "saddle shoes". I'm really aging us here. LOL Too funny. My mother always knit us light woolen spring hats. Yes, we were basically wearing them until around mid-June for fear that we would catch a cold??? (hee hee)

I used a sketch from The Scrappiest. Liz just posted it yesterday as a bonus sketch.

I had so much fun making the flowers. I layered, stitched, used my Cricut and even Glimmer misted too! Now I can enter for a chance to win a $5 voucher for next months kit which BTW looks amazing!! I have spied some Pink Paislee "Bayberry Cottage" and some BG "Green at Heart" in the sneak peeks. Aphra sure knows how to mix those paper lines!! :)

Well, hope everyone is having a fun weekend. We are off to get some groceries (boo) and when I get back, I'm onto my next LO with the kit. I'm thinking it's time to scrap some Canadian Geese in celebration of spring!

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today was a very good day for postal deliveries!! Not only did I receive a card and wonderful little Robin stamp from my sister Susan, (thanks Susan, I love it!) but I also received my Paper Poppy Kit Co prize from Aphra! Thank you Aphra and little Emma from kitty heaven above for being my muse in that ugly LO!!

Look at all the goodies in this kit!! It is amazing!!! It even comes with an assembled paper bag album!!!

Well, I'm off to do my house work. When the scrappy world is rocking the house is usually looking pretty sad. I will be thinking Paper Poppy thoughts as I buzz around. And.... tonight I'll be a scrapping!!! Yay!!! :)

On a side note, I am very proud to say that I did not stalk the mail lady today. ;) Rob was home from work and decided to check the mail on his way out. I wonder if he thought it best to keep me away from the mailbox today, for fear that the police office that he works at would be receiving a complaint about that strange woman lurking around the mail lady!! (hee hee)

Happy scrapping!! Jen :)
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