Monday, August 7, 2017

Oh Summer

Summertime has been flying by.  I'm noticing a small change in some of the leaves already.  Willows and Poplars are showing a bit of a golden tinge.  I'm fine with it though, since Autumn is my favourite season.

It's been fun around here.  Rob is just getting back to work tomorrow after having some holiday time. Andrew, Chantal and Thomas came to visit for two weeks so the time just flew by.  I loved having a seven year old in the house for two weeks.  I'm still in granny training and Thomas was just the guy to get me ready for a grandson.  There was bug "daddy long legs" catching.  I had to hold a little container just freaking out that the four spiders and one ant would get out and crawl on me.  Then there was spider watching.  Freaky!  Best of all was the feeding ants to spiders by dropping them in the web.  Funny how my girls did none of this.  ;)

There was lots of quiet visiting.

Thomas is still a shark fan.

There was Lego building.

There was game playing.  Sequence is an amazing game!

We took a short road trip south.  First we went to Drumheller to visit the dinosaur museum.  Thomas taught me stuff about dinosaurs that I never knew.

Then we went to the Calgary zoo.  There is a new Lemur exhibit and we had our photo taken with the mascot.

Then we made our way to Banff.  Took a trip up to Sulphur Mountain.  There was smoke coming in from fires in B.C. so the view was not the best unfortunately.

We managed to spy one lone mountain goat!  Score!

Here's Thomas playing by the waters edge in Banff.  Looking for critters.  Eek!

Lots of B&W's this time around.  Rob has a new film camera and Andrew has taught him how to develop his own negatives.  The digital camera has taken the backseat. I love the B&W's and am looking forward to a new look in my pocket pages.

I'll try not to be such a stranger.  I've taken to Instagram and have been documenting the day to day there.  You can find me at jennifershaw417

Hoping you are all having a wonderful summer!

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